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Buy operating theatre equipment through SONITA MEDIC

When you work in the healthcare profession, you cannot compromise on quality. SONITA MEDIC is the medical company you can trust to provide top quality equipment that is suitable for use on a daily basis. We only stock the best products, so when you buy through us you can do so with complete confidence. Our extensive range includes reusable and disposable surgical instruments (such as reusable forceps, scissors, scalpels and needle holders, sterilisation trays) as well as disposable saw blades and burs, bipolar forceps, Spackmans cannulas, vaginal speculums with smoke evacuation, skin markers, needle counters and cleaning solutions. We also sell capital items such as wire shelving systems, wire baskets, dividers and trolleys, and a host of other products.

If you want to buy operating theatre equipment, online enquires are welcome. Feel free to browse through our catalogues today, and if you have any questions simply give us a call on 0423 178 332.