IG-WB30CM Wire Basket

Product ID: IG-WB30CM
Brand: Sonita Medic
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  • Elimates dust collecting on the base of the basket.

  • Close mesh design allows storage of small items.

  • Light weight and robust design.

  • Dividers: offering multiple positions across the basket.

  • Can be fitted to either a wall mounted grid, or to the end of wire shelves.
    • IG-WB20CM Small Wall Panel Basket: 240 x 130 x 125 (mm) deep
    • IG-WB30CM Medium Wall Panel Basket: 250 x 205 x 160 (mm) deep
    • IG-WB40CM Wall Panel Basket: 415 x 225 x 170 (mm) deep
      • IG-D40CM Divider- to suit IG-WB40CM
    • IG-WB60CM Wall Panel Basket: 415 x 350 x 200 (mm) deep
      • IG-D60CM Divider- to suit IG-WB60CM
    • IG-WB90CM Wall Panel Basket: 104 x 120 x 85 (mm) deep
    • IG-WB100CM Wall Panel Basket: 105 x 190 x 85 (mm) deep

Nickel Chrome Wire Shelving- best suited to dry areas, and in particular for sterile hospital environments, where cleanliness and freedom from dust gathering is critical.

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