Troop Elevation Pillows (Reusable)

Product ID: MM-TRP-1091006
Brand: Sonita Medic
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Troop Reusable Elevation Pillows

  • Improves "Ease of breathing".
  • Greatly facilitates mask ventilation.
  • Helps align the upper airway axes.
  • Facilitates an easier & safer intubation for mordibly obese/ obese & difficult intubation patients.


  • MM-TRP-10-91001
    • Troop Reusable Elevation Pillow set of 2
    • Includes Reusable pillow + Head cradle.Suitable for only some levels of obese patients & difficult intubation patients.
  • MM-TRP-10-91006
    • Troop Reusable Elevation Pillow set of 3
    • Includes reusable pillow + Addition + Head Cradle + Free 6 disposable covers.
    • For obese & morbidly obese patients and difficult intubation patients.
  • MM-TRP-10-91002: Reusable Vinyl Covered Head Cradle.
  • MM-TRP-10-91003: Disposable Covers for Troop Elevation Pillow.
  • MM-TRP-1091007: Reusable Vinyl Covered Arm Boards - pair
  • MM-TRP-96-8815: Disposable Head Cradle- Foam
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