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SONITA MEDIC sells disposable surgical saw blades

In some surgical situations, disposable instruments are preferable. We sell a wide range of single-use products, including bipolar forceps, burs and blades that are designed to provide patients with the highest level of sterilisation. By only using these instruments once, it makes the clean-up process easier – and there is less room for error when it comes to making sure everything is sterilised for the next patient. Our selection of saw blades is comprehensive, and we sell both sagittal and oscillating varieties. You will find that we have products suitable for use across a wide range of procedures.

When it comes to surgery, don’t settle for anything other than top quality products. If you are looking to buy disposable surgical saw blades, online enquires are welcomes. SONITA MEDIC is the best place to buy, so for information or advice regarding these products, contact us directly on 0423 178 332.